Frequently Asked Questions

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Initial measurement

Does the measure technician bring samples with them?

No, they do not bring samples with them. Please visit your local Lowes or search on to view the different products styles available.

Are the measure technicians knowledgeable about specific products/able to answer specific questions about the installation?

Absolutely, they are very knowledgeable regarding any product and will be able to answer any/all questions you have.

Will the measurer call ahead, or will they just show up?

Our Measurer will call you 30 minutes prior to arriving to your scheduled appointment.

Do I have to be home for the measurement?

If you are currently living in the home, someone who is 18 or older must be present. If the property is vacant, you do not need to be there.

Do I need to move any furniture?

No, we will be able to take an accurate measurement with the furniture in place.

I am looking to get a few different products installed, do I need separate details for each type?

No, simply let our measure technician know what you want, and they will quote it accordingly.

How long is my estimate good for?

1 year. Anything after that we will have to come back out to remeasure your home.

I was told you will perform a lead assessment when you measure my home. What does that mean ?

We are required to do a lead assessment in any home built prior to 1978 due to the use of lead paint. We are only doing a visual assessment of the area, not a lead test.

Can you measure my shower for tile?

Unfortunately, that is out of our scope of work with Lowe’s.

I am remodeling my house and there are no walls up, can you still measure for flooring?

No, we will have to wait until you are finished with construction. To ensure an accurate measurement all walls must be in place.

I am having new countertops installed and I don’t have any currently, can you still measure for a backsplash?

To ensure an accurate measurement your new countertops must be in place before our measurement can be completed.

How soon after my measurement is completed can I get installed?

Determining an installation date depends on product availability and the scope of work for your installation. Once you purchase your installation at Lowes, we can determine an approximate timeline.

Pre installation

My measurement has been completed. Who will I be hearing from What are the next steps?

You will hear from a Flooring Specialist from Lowes. For next steps, please view here.

How can I get a copy of my estimate?

The Flooring Specialist at your local Lowes will be able to provide that to you.

Since my measurement I have removed/added walls to my home, do you need to remeasure?

Yes, we will absolutely need to remeasure to ensure our quote is accurate.

Why is your estimate square footage higher than the actual size of the room?

All our estimates account for the necessary waste to complete your installation. For any questions regarding an estimate please message us on our chat system or call us at 732-994-5556.

Can you bind an area rug for our home?

Unfortunately, that is not within our scope of work with Lowes. We only bind carpet runners for stairs.

My home was built prior to 1986 and I have sheet vinyl I’d like removed for installation; can you do that?

Regardless of when the vinyl was installed, if a home is built prior to 1986 the vinyl will need to be tested for asbestos before we are able to remove it.

Is quarter round required for my hard surface installation?

Quarter round is not required but it is recommended for a finished look. Per the industry standard an expansion gap is left around the perimeter of the room and quarter round ensures the gap is fully covered.

Can my existing baseboards be reused, or do I have to buy new ones?

New baseboards are not required, we can reuse your existing ones.

Will they fix my squeaky floor when they come for the install?

Our installation crews do not specialize in that trade and will not be able to assist you with any squeaky floors.

Will the installers move my dishwasher and install under it?

No, your dishwasher may not fit back in place if there is flooring under it. We will install the new flooring up to the dishwasher.

Will the installers be able to install my new toilet for me?

Our installers can only remove/reinstall the existing toilet that is there.


How long will my install take?

Every job is different. Your dedicated coordinator will be able to give you a great estimation.

Will the installer call ahead, or will they just show up?

They will call you 30 minutes prior to arriving.

Will the installer be wearing something from Hunter’s Flooring or Lowes?

The installers wear Lowes Independent Contractor badges.

Does the installer disconnect the gas lines on my dryer and stove?

Our installers do not disconnect/reconnect gas appliances or gas heating units.

Will the installers move my tv?

Our installers do not move electronics or hide wires (computers, stereos, home theaters, televisions, medical equipment, alarm systems, etc.)

Does my product have to acclimate?

Certain products like wood, laminate and some vinyl planks do require acclimation. If acclimation is required, our scheduling team will coordinate the delivery of materials prior to your installation date.

How many people will be coming out to install my flooring?

An installation crew consists of 2 or more qualified installers.

Do I need to be present for the installation?

If you are currently living in the home someone who is 18 or older must be present. If the property is vacant, you do not need to be there.

I just had my home painted; will it be affected during my installation?

Our installers will do their best to prevent it, but minor scuffs can occur during the installation.

I’m having trouble communicating with the installers on my job site. What can I do?

Please message us on our chat system or call into our office at 732-994-5556 to get assistance.

Will the installers replace my tack strips for my carpet installation?

Our installers will replace any damaged/missing tack strips for your installation.

Post installation

Do you warranty your work?

Upon completion of the installation, every customer receives a one-year service warranty. Product warranty is dependent upon the manufacturer, please visit for more information.

Why does my home need to be temperature-controlled year around?

It’s extremely important for your home to remain between 65-80 degrees year-round to ensure the longevity of your material. Products like wood, laminate and vinyl plank expand and contract based of the temperature of your home. If the climate is not maintained the floor can start to gap or buckle.

What should I do with my left-over material from installation?

Any unopened product can be returned to Lowes, but we recommend keeping extra flooring or carpet.

I have an issue with my installation, who do I contact?

Please reach out to via our chat system or call us at 732-994-5556.

Don’t see your question?

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Customer testimonials on Google

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Robin Keer
Robin Keer
Early June 2024

I needed a kitchen floor. I went online at Lowes. The process was fast and easy. Picked out the floor. They sent out a person to measure the floor for the estimate. Hunters called a day or two later. I probably waited a week or two for the install. Hunters and Lowes were ready. I was not. I waited until the day for the install worked for me. The price was good. No hidden fees. The installers were professional and the work was beautiful. Hunters was with me throughout the process. The install window was not great but they did come that day. More communication needed. On the follow up calls I was told they are working on the install times. Yes follow up calls. They really do care about the services provided. My kitchen is small but they treated the floor like it was a million dollar job. Definitely will use them again. I highly recommend them.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Mimo
Early May 2024

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Fatima at Hunter’s Flooring, and I must say, her customer service exceeded all expectations. From the moment I reached out about scheduling a carpet installation, Fatima was incredibly attentive, polite, and kind. Not only did Fatima promptly assist me in scheduling the installation, but she also went above and beyond to ensure that the process was smooth and hassle-free. Her attention to detail and willingness to address any concerns I had truly made the experience seamless. Fatima’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service is commendable, and it is evident that she takes great pride in her work. Thanks to her assistance, I am now enjoying my newly installed carpet, and I am incredibly grateful for her assistance. Based on my experience with Fatima, I will undoubtedly be returning to Hunter’s Flooring for any future flooring needs. Her professionalism and outstanding service have earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you, Fatima, for your exceptional service!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of David Koss
David Koss
Early April 2024

I am very happy with work done by Hunter Flooring . There work team were very professional and arrived on time.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of John Laarz
John Laarz
Early April 2024

Starting with a visit of a Lowe’s store, being greeted by a professional flooring specialist, shown the large product options and availability, through placing the order, there were no issues at all.
Then the experience got even better. Hunter’s flooring made contact almost immediately after the flooring order was placed, keeping us up to date on the products whereabouts until it all arrived at the Lowes store for their pickup.
Then Hunter’s flooring offered a flexible installation schedule that matched our availability.
Surprise, it got even better. Our installer’s professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to detail from start to finish was second to none. Seriously, everyone who sees the new flooring marvels when I share the attention to detail that Felix, our installer crafted when laying our close to one thousand square feet of flooring. Again, his attention to detail and quality craftsmanship was second to none. He was and should be proud of the work he did during our flooring installation. When asked, he shared, he has twenty-eight years of experience installing vinyl flooring and it shows. Unfortunately, he doesn’t install carpet, or I would be asking specifically for him and his one-person crew. Can’t win them all.
So, the five-star review is from start to finish. Not sure you can ask and get Felix, but, if you don’t ask you won’t get, and that would be a big mistake. This man’s work is outstanding.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Barbara Zvalaren
Barbara Zvalaren
Early April 2024

Excellent installers quick removal then excellent installation and clean up

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Tracey Nelson
Tracey Nelson
Early April 2024

Respectful, professional work installed in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the carpet Hunter’s installed.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Michael Bickerton
Michael Bickerton
Late March 2024

Very satisfied with Hunter’s flooring - the installation was very professionally done and looks great and done with no mess and no fuss. We initially picked out a type of tile that was not right for our kitchen. Rather than go ahead and install this tile the installer carefully pointed out the potential problems. This allowed us to choose a different tile that worked out great. TWO THUMBS UP HUNTER FLOORING GUYS!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Edward Karycinski
Edward Karycinski
Early March 2024

Excellent service,on time ,beautiful job.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Jody Gowdy
Jody Gowdy
Early March 2024

Lowe’s and Hunter make a great team!! Their associates are professional and helpful (John/flooring) and (Marilyn/scheduling). Our purchases were delivered in perfect condition. The installers (Jason/carpet and ?/tile were experienced and gifted installers. Thank you so much for making our home renovation experience worthwhile. We are enjoying the improvements in our home because of our wonderful Egg Harbor Township Lowe’s Store.
Well done!!
Jody and Chuck

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Ronald Lumachi
Ronald Lumachi
Early March 2024

Prompt, professional, clean and nicely done job. Thanks!!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Christina F. Dorsey
Christina F. Dorsey
Early March 2024

3 rooms amazing time. Call to inform arrival time got here and done in no time. 8:30 - 12:15. Moved furniture around took floor up then put carpet down. And put my furniture where I wanted. Great job guys, knowledgeable to detail of what taking place. I felt comfortable. Thank you Hunters Flooring Inc.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Laura Baron
Laura Baron
Mid-February 2024

Very quick and easy carpet installation. Respectful of property and courteous. Would recommend highly.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Linda Fleischer
Linda Fleischer
Early February 2024

Hunter’s Flooring did an excellent job installing my vinyl tile floor. The installers were efficient and professional. I love the floor and it provides a perfect entrance into my home.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Maggie Cudd
Maggie Cudd
Early February 2024

Hunter’s Flooring is TOP NOTCH!!! They did such an incredible job from start to finish with our carpet installation! From measuring, scheduling down to the install and follow up, the entire team has EXCEEDED our expectations! Anyone considering a flooring project should absolutely work with Hunter’s!!!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Andrea Gladman
Andrea Gladman
Late January 2024

Excellent work. I love my tile work and it’s beautiful. Installers were professional too. Appointment time was up to the agreed time.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Sue Macy
Sue Macy
Late January 2024

The father-and-son installation team was great–very good at installing and explaining what they were doing as well. The backsplash looks great.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Rachael Walker
Rachael Walker
Mid-January 2024

The team was punctual, polite, professional. They were knowledgeable about the product and process and we in and out in no time. I would recommend them for all carpeting needs!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Clinton Steele
Clinton Steele
Early January 2024

Outstanding Job on my floor installation. 100+% satisfaction. I highly recommend Hunter’s Flooring Inc and look forward to using them for my next home improvement project!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Michael DeChristopher
Michael DeChristopher
Early January 2024

They did a beautiful job installing our plank flooring and stair carpet. Very professional. Cleaned up when done. Verry pleased with the results.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of James Polk
James Polk
Early January 2024

They are very good at what they do an that is to install floors if you are looking to have w floors done at your home this company is the best.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Deb Szeles
Deb Szeles
Late December 2023

They were prompt and professional. Communication was also prompt and complete. They were very positive to work with and the installers were great!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Jane Williams
Jane Williams
Mid-December 2023

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my carpet installation done by Hunter’s Flooring. From the initial ordering through to completion they were organized and kept me informed. On installation day, they came on time, were courteous and respectful, and worked quickly and efficiently.
I would highly recommend Hunter’s Flooring.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Anthony Juliano
Anthony Juliano
Mid-December 2023

Very professional. Installers did an excellent job and were professional. The company followed up with me numerous times to ensure I was satisfied with the flooring installation.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Donald De Santo
Donald De Santo
Late November 2023

Great company to work with and the guys were professional and hard working.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Rich & Nora B
Rich & Nora B
Late November 2023

The install team who worked in my home were excellent!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Sue W
Sue W
Late November 2023

Everything was perfect! As great as I would hope. Great communication from install team. Very reliable! They were fast, but thorough. Not a scrap left behind when job was done. Love the new carpet!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Ray Coles
Ray Coles
Mid-November 2023

Installers were on time, very thorough and professional. Highly recommended

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Angela Riggs
Angela Riggs
Early November 2023

Did a wonderful job installing our padding and carpets. They look absolutely beautiful. They were very neat and safely moved the furniture and moved them back in the correct spot they were originally. They cleaned up and vacuumed so everything looked neat and precise and brand new.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Laura Reichel
Laura Reichel
Early September 2023

Looks amazing. They took care of this project like it was their own home.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Debra Lefebvre
Debra Lefebvre
Late July 2023

Hunter’s Flooring installed vinyl plank flooring in my home office and I love it! They were on time, professional and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Lisa Shapiro
Lisa Shapiro
Mid-July 2023

Hunter Flooring excelled at communication about my job. I had frequent updates along the way and they checked in while the job was being done. The team that came to my house was professional, cleaning up each day before they left. The floors look great and I am very pleased with the level of service. I highly recommend them.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Dillon Steltz
Dillon Steltz
Early July 2023

Hunter’s deserves a higher Google rating. Ever since we were connected through Lowes the experience with Hunters has been seamless. They have a great system for scheduling the installation and are great at communicating. We had our bathroom tile installed and it looks stellar. The installer was respectful to the house and did a great job. We are getting our carpets done with them also!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of William Simmonds
William Simmonds
Early July 2023

This is a first experience with Hunter’s Flooring, but it was a positive one begining from the measuring in prep for materials needed to the final on time installation. Every concern about preferences were addressed and the professional Tiler (John) was a complete artist in his application of the tile for the “Backsplash”. The completed job made the new quartz counter top really stand out. Well done.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of June Gray
June Gray
Late April 2023

The 2 young men who installed the carpet were very professional, fast, and thorough. Their English was limited, but because there were no issues, it wasn’t a problem. I would recommend these 2 installers to anyone!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile of Charli Hall
Charli Hall
Early December 2022

I’m so happy with my beautiful new floor, Hunter’s flooring crews and Lowes associates that made it all happen. Thank you for all!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile placeholder
Thomas Sartor
Late October 2022

Great job my kitchen floor looks wonderful!!

Hunters Flooring Review Profile placeholder
Kelly C.
Mid-August 2022

I was very skeptical about Hunters flooring after ordering my new floors from Lowes and they assigned them, I read the reviews and almost cancelled because of them. That would have been a huge mistake, I went forward with the install because a lot of the reviews were about employment and not actual projects. Well my floors are an actual project and Hunters flooring was absolutely perfect, from measuring to scheduling to Install, the entire process was seamless. I am thrilled with the quality of work and time it took, im actually thinking about now doing another flooring project with Hunters being how well they handled the first.

Hunters Flooring Review Profile placeholder
Glenn Gabrielle
Late May 2022

They did an excellent job, and were very courteous. I would definitely hire them again